We are often too busy to put our health at the top of our to-do list. Therefore, ScreenCancer is now bringing the service to the workplace. We provide educational sessions and a confidential consultation with one of our dermatology advisors, and scan of any moles and lesions of concern.

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability!

- Anne M Mulcahy

Company screening testimonial

"I would fully recommend using ScreenCancer for this service to any other company who hold staff wellbeing as a high priority within the organisation."

Stuart Clack – Wellbeing Champion
National Grid Grain LNG

Having been the Grain LNG wellbeing champion for a number of years screening for skin cancer hadn’t really come to my attention as other health issues. However after a chance discussion with Zoe from ScreenCancer I was shocked at how prevalent this form of cancer is in the UK. Although I presumed our site staff were pretty much protected. The team wear full PPE onsite but this new awareness made us realise how important it is for our staff to be screened. We started with a talk from ScreenCancer in our monthly site safety meeting to bring awareness to the wider team. Following on from this talk we scheduled a number of site visits for voluntary screening to take place for anyone who had concerns about skin legions or moles. Those who were screened have been extremely impressed at the results not only by the speed and quality of the report but the advice the team gave during and after the screening took place. I was also made aware of a number of our staff being advised to seek extra consultation from their own GP’s. I would fully recommend using ScreenCancer for this service to any other company who hold staff wellbeing as a high priority within the organisation. Many thanks to the team at ScreenCancer.

"The service provided by ScreenCancer was exceptional."

Kate Loudon Personal Assistant - Director of People and Technology
SEC - Scottish Event Campus

The service provided by ScreenCancer was exceptional. The team were incredibly helpful and friendly right from our first enquiry, to when they came onsite. The feedback we received from our team members was all positive. We would highly recommend ScreenCancer. A great screening process for your company.


Ian Allison – Assurance Manager
National Grid Grain LNG

ScreenCancer created a relaxed environment in which key information was shared in a friendly, professional and re-assuring manner.


Education of risk factors and how to assess and check your own skin regularly

What lo look for

Quality assessment

Analysing any mole/lesion of concern by our team of dermatologists

Self checking tool


Health Promotion on how to protect your skin in the future

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